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Quotes And Estimates


We know it can be hard to stop in to get an estimate from us so we will be happy to do it via email. For a firm quote for your order we have a few requirements.  

  • We need your due date. 
  • This is not the day of your event, this is day you you will be picking them up or we will be delivering them.
  • Finalized artwork in one of the approved formats.
  • .AI, .EPS, .PSD, .SVG, .PDF, .PNG, .JPEG.
  • The finalized number of shirts.
    • This is "I need 24, 24, 36, ETC. Not I need 100 shirts. 
  • The shirt colors and cuts.
  • If one or more of the previously stated guidelines are not met then you will be given an itemized estimate.  


Artwork Guidelines

These guidelines are here to assist you in preparing digital artwork for submission. This is not intended to be fool proof, but by following these guidelines you will minimize the risk of some common problems which occur when printing digital files. Digital images come in two main types: vector images and raster images. Images that are .AI, .PDF, .EPS, .SVG are considered vector images. Vector Graphics  are drawn using straight and curved lines called vectors. This type of image production format is the curves can be scaled without any loss of information “pixilation” of the image. These files will stay clean even when manipulated. These images will not result in an artwork fee when provided.  

Images that are .PSD, .JPEG, .PNG, .TIF, are considered bitmap images and will distort when manipulated. If the image is not the same size as the desired print it will result in an artwork fee.  

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Announce coming events


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Announce coming events

Announce coming events

Announce coming events


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